We are so happy to have you as a part of the Community Music School (CMS) at Moody Bible Institute (MBI). Below are policies governing lessons through CMS. Please carefully read them before your first lesson. You will be expected to understand and abide by our policies.
You may direct any questions to Sondra Davis at sondra.davis@moody.edu.

How much do lessons cost?

The cost of lessons varies depending on the qualifications of the teacher.  CMS teachers schedule lessons in bi-monthly periods, and payment is due up front for each bi-monthly period. Click the “calendar” tab at the top of this page for more details on scheduling.

Here is a list of our hourly rates to give you a basic idea of how much lessons might cost for you.

Lessons with a current Moody Music Major: $36/full hour, $27/45 minutes, $18/half hour

Lessons with Moody Alumni (BA or BMus degree): $45/full hour, $33.75/45 minutes, $22.50/ half hour

Registering for private lessons:

New students should fill out the New Student Sign-up Form on our website.
Once a new student has filled out the form, he or she will be connected with a teacher to set up a schedule in our online system, My Music Staff. Once scheduling is complete, the student will receive an invoice via email for that period. Invoices should be paid before the first lesson.

Returning students should fill out the Returning Student Registration Form on our website. This form allows returning students the opportunity to review our lesson policies and to supply any changes in contact information or availability.  Returning students must request lesson times and schedule changes through the online registration form.

For all students, any changes in schedule (including changes in the time of the lesson) after registering will count toward the one make up lesson per bi-monthly period.

Lesson Payment:

Lesson payment is due up front for each bi-monthly period.  After registration you will receive your invoice via email once your teacher has completed your schedule for the period.

Our CMS teachers are upper-level MBI students and alumni and CMS serves as their campus employment.  You are contracting your teacher for the number of lessons for which you register. Our lesson fees are non-refundable.

Late payment will result in a $20 late fee. There is a $25 fee for dishonored checks.

Payments are accepted online here (https://www.moodycommunitymusic.com/payment/).  Please do not make any payments until receiving a bill from our office.  We want to make sure your payment will be the correct amount.
Checks may be addressed to Moody Bible Institute.

If paying by check or cash, please turn in your payment at the Doane reception desk in an envelope clearly marked with the student’s name and “CMS Payment”.

Lesson Times:
Lessons will be scheduled at a repeating weekly time that is mutually convenient to both the student and teacher.  The lesson will take place the same day and time each week in order to create an organized schedule for student and teacher.  Lesson times may be requested via our online registration form.

Lesson Location: 
Community Music School teachers give instruction on the campus of Moody Bible Institute at 820 N. LaSalle, Chicago, IL. Most lessons are given in practice rooms in Doane Memorial Hall.


Lesson Schedule:

  • Lessons are scheduled according to the following bi-monthly periods:  Sept./Oct., Nov./Dec., Jan./Feb., Mar./Apr., May/Jun., Jul./Aug.
  • Online registration will be due before the first day of each period. Late registrants will be placed on a waiting list and notified when teacher availability is confirmed.
  • Students must request lesson times through the online registration form by providing three possible weekly times that work in the student’s schedule. Teachers will then create the schedule according to requested times and teacher availability, contacting students for adjustments before the period begins.
  • If the student knows about absences in advance and would like to have those removed from the schedule or rescheduled, those absences must be noted on the registration form and we will be happy to accommodate them. One make up lesson per bi-monthly period will apply to all schedule changes after the time of registration. This includes requests to change the time of the lesson. 
  • We will no longer be offering a payment plan. Instead, payment will be due for each bi-monthly period before the first lesson.
  • Once the registration form is completed, both student and teacher are committing to that bi-monthly period. Each student will be given one make up lesson per bi-monthly period. In order to remain consistent throughout our studios, teachers will no longer be allowed to make exceptions to the make up lesson policy. If a student has an emergency and desires to appeal the policy, they must contact our office directly in writing at communitymusic@moody.edu for the appeal to be considered.

Young Students must be accompanied by an adult at all times.  The adult may wait outside during the lesson, or attend the lesson if desired.  Community Music School is unable to provide child care before and after lessons.

Please keep in mind that CMS is sharing space with music department faculty and college level classes.  In order to be respectful of the campus learning environment, we ask that CMS parents and teachers help enforce the following “Waiting Rules” while waiting with small children and siblings before, during, and after lessons:

1. No running in the hallways.
2. No touching bulletin boards at any time or classroom chalk/white boards without a teacher present.
3. Inside voices only.
4. No writing on the classroom white boards without teacher permission.
5. No playing with the classroom organs.

A basket of waiting area activities is located under the bench by the elevator on the third floor.

CMS Communication: Please check your email regularly for CMS announcements.  You will also receive your semester bill through email.  Please add communitymusic@moody.edu and sondra.davis@moody.edu to your address book to prevent these important announcements from being filed to your junk mail folder.  Some announcements for CMS will also be posted in the elevator of Doane Memorial Hall.

Student Portal: CMS uses a software that includes a student portal where you will be able to view your account history, any balance due, lesson schedule, and more.  Your username and password will be emailed to you upon registering for the first time. To request a password reset, please contact sondra.davis@moody.edu.

Discontinuing Lessons: Students who discontinue lessons before completing the period will not receive a refund. In case of emergency (extreme illness, etc.), please contact the Administrator at communitymusic@moody.edu to discuss your situation.

Weather related cancellations:
All CMS lessons will be cancelled if Chicago Public Schools or Moody Bible Institute closes due to extreme weather, in which case your teacher will contact you to reschedule.  During the summer and on weekends, the teacher will decide if the weather is extreme enough for lessons to be cancelled, if MBI remains open.  Teachers may re-schedule lessons at their own discretion if the weather appears too dangerous for travel.

If Chicago Public Schools and Moody Bible Institute remain open, and the teacher believes the weather is manageable, students may still cancel, but the CMS one make-up lesson policy will still apply.

CMS Students are expected to be present for all lessons. CMS teachers will make-up/re-schedule one lesson per bi-monthly period if the student is absent. The make-up lesson must take place within the period. If the student cancels a make-up lesson it will be forfeited. In the event that a teacher is unable to make a lesson, s/he will make-up that lesson with the student.

Please understand that your teacher is reserving a specific time for your lesson. If the student is late, the teacher is under no obligation to extend the lesson time or make it up at a later date. If the teacher is late, you will receive an extended lesson time, or it will be made up at a later date.

CMS holds informal student recitals three times each calendar year, typically in November, May, and August. These recitals are optional, but you are encouraged to participate. Check with your teacher or our office for the date and time.  Each recital is followed by a reception.  We ask that no food or drink is brought into the auditorium.